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Happy New Year 2024

As we step into the New Year, it's time we ditch the habit that's been holding many of us back...playing small. Playing small means settling for less and denying ourselves the opportunity to pursue our true desires. Not only does this limit our own potential, but it also deprives the world of our unique gifts. Well guess what......2024 is THE year we break free from this pattern!

It's time to THINK BIGGER, step out of our comfort zones, and chase after the things we genuinely crave. The exciting news is that pursuing ambitious goals can be HEALTHY, STRATEGIC, and, yes, FUN. Let me guide you through the process...

FIRST: Define your goal!

Whether you already have a goal in mind or need a moment to reflect, grab a notebook. At the top of a fresh page, write "What if I ____?" and fill in the blank with your goal. Let's bring those aspirations to life!

SECOND: Develop a strategy

Now, let's get tactical. Create three lists:

List 1: Write down all of your fears about the goal, even the seemingly trivial ones. For instance, if your goal is to return to school, your fears might include forgetting how to study or not having enough free time.

List 2: Outline ways to MINIMIZE those fears. Whether it's learning new skills, building a support network, or setting boundaries, plan it out. For the school example, consider joining a study group or starting with one class at a time.

List 3: Prepare for the unexpected. What will you do when things don't go as planned(we all know things rarely go as planned😝)? Identify people you can turn to or alternative approaches you can explore. If you're facing challenges in school, meeting with a teacher or hiring a tutor could be solutions.

The takeaway: Fears lose their power when you break them down. (Read that as many times as you need to!)

Here's to a year of taking a GIANT step out of our comfort zones and into a big, beautiful life! And cheers to 2024!

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