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Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance

A true food allergy will cause an autoimmune response and can affect numerous organs in the body. For instance-breaking out in to hives if you eat shellfish. Or in my case (lol) my eyes swelling completely shut after eating beets. In some cases true food allergies can cause a life threatening reaction such as anaphylaxis.

Alternately, a food intolerance is less serious and often limited to digestive issues. Bloating, gas, diarrhea etc. However if you are sensitive to a certain food- it may also cause inflammation. This could be a factor no matter where you are on your fitness/nutrition/lifestyle journey.

True food allergies have been recorded with over 170 foods-but the eight that account for more than 90% of food allergies are listed below.

•shellfish •fish •wheat •soy •dairy •tree nuts •peanuts •eggs

I personally have very high sensitivity to peanuts, wheat, and dairy. I found this through a skin test with an allergist years ago. I was also sensitive to avocado and watermelon of all things. At the time-I had no idea and was eating a very healthy diet full of whole wheat grains, avocado, peanut butter, and the occasional watermelon. As soon as I removed these foods from my diet, I almost immediately lost 10 pounds of inflammation. These days if I eat these items, I pay the price...sometimes it's worth it and sometimes-definitely a no.

In my Little Black Dress Nutrition programs-there are no dairy products, peanuts/peanut butter, and very little wheat (an occasional piece of sprouted grain bread). These foods are highly inflammatory for most people. The initial weight loss seen in my nutrition programs is most certainly water and inflammation from eating quality, less inflammatory food. If you think that you could be reacting to these-remove them from your diet and see if you have any improvement with digestive or skin issues. If your weight has stalled this might be the jump start you need!

If you want to dive deeper, I recommend either seeing an allergist for further testing-or you can purchase a Food Sensitivity test online. I recommend Everlywell (which can also be purchased on Amazon). They are currently offering 35% off with the code SUMMER.

Another great option is checking your DNA with a simple cheek swab. This test will reveal so much more than food sensitivities based on your genetics. For more information please email me at or click on the link below!

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